Ontario Cup Series

Superfly Racing is pleased to be at the helm of this awesome series from 2017 through 2018!!

The Ontario Cup (O-Cup) is one of Canada’s premier XC Mountain Bike racing series. For riders who enjoy challenging courses and competing against riders from across the province, this race series is for you. The 7-event series attracts both full-season racers, as well as riders who simply want to enjoy the challenge of individual races.

The O-Cup season kicks off in the spring (April 23 this year!) and concludes with the Provincial Championships at the end of summer.  Events are typically 2 to 6 weeks apart and again include Canada Cups at both Horseshoe and Hardwood Hills.  Only the best venues in the province are chosen to host O-Cups with each venue adding its own twist for riders. It might be a highly technical hilly course, a high speed flat course or a combination of the two. Whichever type of course it is, it will be fun and challenging to all abilities.

O-Cup riders are categorized based, first by age, then by ability. Riders earn upgrade points to upgrade to the next higher ability category. Ontario Cup points are awarded to all categories.

Exciting changes for 2017!  O-Cup series welcomes Substance Projects

We are happy to have an old Superfly friend, Dan Marshall of Substance Projects take over one of the 7 O-cups!  The Farm in Kingston will be this year’s destination event – and we’re hoping to introduce the fun of racing to folks from the Ottawa/Kingston corridor!  The Farm will feature a flat but fun and technical course, and has a great atmosphere with on-site camping!

Youth racing at the Ontario Cups – now more accessible than ever!

In the biggest change to the series ever – we are featuring a toned-down, shorter loop for the 9am youth races!  These courses will be roughly 2.5km in a multi-lap format, be more spectator friendly and will feature minimal climbing and technical features.  Fostering new riders in a fun, unintimidating atmosphere is paramount for the OCA and O-Cup organizers.  To cater to the more experiences youth, Youth “sport” categories will be available for Peewee, Minime, and Cadet categories in one mass start at the 10:00am start time.  

How do we choose venues for O-Cups?

We are constantly approached by riding enthusiasts who want an Ontario Cup at their favorite riding spot.  Unfortunately, trails are only one component – venues need to have sufficient on-site parking, nearby amenities, or something equally important.  Having support from a nearby riding community or enthusiastic township is very important, and if some of these aren’t present, being close to the GTA can make a big difference.  We also need the ability to close the trails for the event.  For 2017 we are excited to be back to some beloved riding destinations including Provincials at Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride – and are also excited to have Substance Projects running a Kingston event! 

Who can Participate?
Anyone with a sense of adventure!  Riders who are at least 9 years of age (“Squirt” division) can participate in the O-Cup XC Series, and with the new, less hilly and technical 9:00am courses, it’s a perfect series to introduce youth to the exhilaration and comaraderie of racing!

What Type of Membership is Required?
In order to participate in an O-Cup you must be a racing member of the OCA.  However different categories have different restrictions.  There are, however, 1-day licenses available for all but Expert/Elite level categories.   Click here for a guide to selecting the type of membership that suits your needs.

Riders can register at the event (cash only) but it is to their disadvantage.  Pre-registering reduces waiting in line the day of the event (the Pre-Reg line is always shorter and quicker) as well pre-registering makes sense economically.  Register for the FULL 7 event series and save an additional 7 – 10%, AND receive your FREE Ontario Cup T-shirt, Socks courtesy Brandon at RTE/CODE, AND riding BUFF from our Friends at Wild Betty’s

Please visit the OCA Website for more details on Competition rules, points assignments, etc.




The 2017 SERIES Schedule

(Tentative ONLY on the July 29/30 date, all others confirmed)

Sunday, April 23 – O-Cup #1, Woodnewton (Learn to ride clinic Saturday)

Sunday, May 7 – O-Cup #2, Kingston Farm (brought to you by Substance Projects)

Sunday, June 11 – Canada Cup #4/ O-Cup #3 at Horseshoe Resort

Sunday, June 18 – Canada Cup #5/ O-Cup #4 at Hardwood Ski and Bike

Sunday, July 9 – Ontario Cup #5, Buckwallow Cycling Centre

Saturday, July 29 – Ontario Cup #6, Albion Enduro-O-Cup

Sunday, August 27 – Ontario Cup #7 Provincial Championships, Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride


  • Ontario Cup #1

    Ontario Cup #1


    This course is designed for riders of all ability levels. This private property is a real riders paradise, with a dramatic ridge providing the backbone for the totally custom designed made-for-racing course.

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  • Ontario Cup #2

    Ontario Cup #2

    Kingston Farm

    This event isn’t run by Superfly Racing. You will be directed to Substance Project for more information about this event.

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  • Ontario Cup #3

    Canada Cup / Ontario Cup #3 Horseshoe Resort

    Horseshoe Resort

    Superfly Racing is excited to host another Canada Cup at Horseshoe!

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  • Ontario Cup #4

    Canada Cup/Ontario Cup #4

    Canada Cup at Hardwood

    This event isn’t run by Superfly Racing. You will be directed to Pulse Racing for more information about this event.

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  • in speed we trust

    Ontario Cup #5 – Buckwallow!

    Buckwallow Cycling Centre

    The Buck is back! Details to come.

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  • Ontario Cup #6

    Ontario Cup #6

    Albion Hills

    The fastest course in Ontario is back! Enduro format for ALL but the 9am race for 2017!! Elite/Expert do 2 awesome, slightly condensed laps!! Saturday race, camp out at Albion for the weekend!!

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  • Ontario Cup #7

    Ontario Cup #7

    Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride

    Sir Sam’s is the ultimate Ontario Cup venue! It just doesn’t get any better than this!

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  • Learn To Ride Home Thumb

    Learn-to-Ride Clinic (O-Cup #1 Weekend)

    Woodnewton (private property)4849 Concession #6

    Superfly Racing, the Ontario Cycling Association, Ride Guides, Joyride 150 and Wild Betty’s have amassed the top riders and cycling enthusiasts in the province to come ride, instruct, and have a fun-filled day with a large variety of would-be mountain bike riders.

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Season Schedule

Cup Location Date
Ontario Cup #1 Woodnewton
Ontario Cup #2 Kingston Farm
Canada Cup / Ontario Cup #3 Horseshoe Resort Horseshoe Resort
Canada Cup/Ontario Cup #4 / Canada Cup Canada Cup at Hardwood **
Ontario Cup #5 – Buckwallow! / Ontario Cup #5 at Buckwallow Buckwallow Cycling Centre
Ontario Cup #6 Albion Hills
Ontario Cup #7 / Provincial Championships Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride
Learn-to-Ride Clinic (O-Cup #1 Weekend) Woodnewton (private property)4849 Concession #6

** These events are run by Pulse Racing, www.pulseracing.ca