Ontario Cup #1 Mansfield

Event Description  (REGISTRATION OPEN!!)

We’re going back to our roots!  For many years, Mansfield hosted Ontario Cup #1 on the last day of April.  Moving back a week, we are still assured dry conditions due to the sandy soils and south facing slopes, and have the added bonus of rental cabins, and excellent indoor facilities early in the year.  Mansfield’s course is always perfect for an early season hammerfest, the perfect place to kick off another year of racing!



You can check out event Pre- reg pricing (To Come)


Registration Details

Pre-register for Mansfield, and for the full series at a savings of approx 10%, and get some FREE goodies!  This CLOSES Wednesday, April 18 2018 at midnight. Event day registration, with Event Day pricing is available Saturday and Sunday.  All series registered riders receive a free Ontario Cup custom T-shirt , and a BUFF courtesy Wild Betty’s.  Pre-register for the WHOLE 7-event series below:

O-Cup Series: 

Or, register for Ontario Cup #1 ONLY: (to come)

** Pre-registration ENDS Wednesday, April 18 at midnight!

For 2018, Event day registration is CASH OR CHEQUE ONLY! – Sorry, no VISA allowed.  Event Day pricing is typically $10 or more than pre-registration.


Sean Ruppel,
Superfly Racing