Ontario Cup #5 – Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride!

Sir Sam's Ski and Ride

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Ontario Cup #5 – Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride!

Event Description:

As host to the last two Provincial Championships, Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride moves into the 5th spot on the Series.  Early July in Haliburton is cottage time, and the riding is as hot as the weather!  This is arguably the best and most exciting course on the circuit – but what isn’t arguable are the stellar accommodations!  The Bishop family roll out the red carpet for our riders, treat us to a fun and affordable Saturday night banquet, and provide the best venue on the series!

Event pricing can be viewed here: (2018 pricing to come)

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  • The Course and Pre-Riding

    The course will be pre-marked roughly for mid-June, and available to ride every day, weather permitting, up to race day. Please use the drop box during the week!

  • Accomodations and Camping

    Accommodations and Camping

    If you really want to stay in style, check out Sir Sam's Inn, just 500 meters from the ski hill! While there are cheaper accommodations nearby, this is the place to do it in style! Haliburton books up quickly - reserve a place soon! Silver Eagle Cottages books up early, as do most places in Haliburton. Consider renting a cottage for a long weekend for for the full week!

  • Event Schedule

    Event Schedule

    Date Time Event
    Friday July, 6th 8:00 am - 8:00pm Pre-riding ($10 pre-ride fees apply)
    Saturday July, 7th 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Registration (event day prices)  Other fun events to come!!
     All day Sean's Birthday!  I like presents!
    9:00 am - 8:00 pm Pre-ride ($10 pre-ride fees apply)
    7:30 am - 12:30 pm Registration

    First Race Starts

    Squirts Men & Women 9-10, Peewee Women 11-12 & Minime Women 13-14
    Peewee Men 11-12, Jr/Cadet Women 15-18, Cadet
    Minime Men 13-14, Cadet Men 15-18
    10:00 am

    Second Race Starts

    Senior Sport Women 19-29, Master Sport Women 30-39, 40-49, & 50, Master Men 60-64, 65+
    Master Sport Men 50-54, Master Men 55-59, Master Expert Women 50+
    Citizen Men, Cadet Sport Men 15-16, Minime Sport Men 13-14
    Peewee Sport Men 11-12, Cadet/Junior Sport Women 15-18, Minime Sport Women 13-14, Peewee Sport Women 11-12, Citizen Women 19+
    11:45 am

    Third Race Starts

    Cadet Expert Women 15-16
    Singlespeed Men, Junior Sport Men 17-18, Senior Sport Men 19-29, Master Sport Men 30-39, 40-44, 45-49, Senior Expert Women 19-29, 30-39, 40+ 3 laps
    1:45 pm

    Fourth Race Starts

    Cadet Expert Men 15-16, Junior Expert Women 17-18 - 3 laps
    Junior Expert Men 17-18, Senior Expert Men 19-29, Master Expert Men 30-39 & 40-44 & 45-49 & 50-54, Senior Elite Women 19-29 - 3 laps Senior Elite Men 19-29 - 4 laps