Train to Trail


Train to Trail

We are very excited to launch this new VIP event!

Train to Trail is a unique full day experience capturing the essence of living in the Trail Capital of Canada! Yes, Uxbridge is indeed the trail capital of Canada; and for good reason. We have hundreds of kilometres of connectivity, are a feature portion of The Great Trail (formerly Trans-Canada Trail), the ORTA trail, and of course have Durham Forest/Glen Major at our doorstep. Add to this the awesome Uxbridge Heritage railway, some great local businesses, and this year’s Canada 150 initiative – and Train to Trail is a Culmination of Uxbridge’s rich history and incredible access to nature.

The event

This full day celebration of riding is a true VIP experience. Board the Heritage Uxbridge railway, load your bike, and enjoy the 45 minute trip from Uxbridge to Stouffville. Special guest speakers on the train will include some of Canada’s premier athletes, local celebrities and more! Enjoy Coffee and pastries en route, the scenery, and the excitement of riding a myriad of trails and roadways back to Uxbridge! Ride on your own, or ride in one of our pre-specified groups, on our approx. 40km route back to Uxbridge. This untimed ride can be done at whatever pace you’d like – and is supported by an awesome halfway aid station, complete with a wide variety of snacks and coffee. Finish the ride on Uxbridge’s Urban trails, finishing up at our very own Second Wedge Brewery. A free beer, top-notch BBQ, and live entertainment on their outdoor patio await!





Quick-view schedule

10:00 – 10:30: Riders load bikes, enjoy a coffee at the Uxbridge Heritage Railway
10:25: An Uxbridge representative cut’s the ribbon on the day’s festivities
10:30: Train departs for Stouffville Station
10:30 to 11:15: Lovely train ride includes refreshments, snacks and talks from some TBA athletes
11:15 to 11:30: Riders get ready to roll out, groups of 15 to 20 leave at 2 minute intervals
12:30 to 2:00: Riders arrive at our mid-way aid station, enjoy some snacks
2:00 to 4:00: Riders arrive at the end point, are adorned with their finishers medal,
and enjoy the afterparty at the Second Wedge brewery

Draw prizes will be given out at approximately 4 – 4:30!

Registration for this special event will open mid-April