Wednesday Night Race Series

Albion Hills Conservation Area

Wednesday Night Race Series


Event Description

April 24 to September 6! (yes, we’ve extended the season to September 6, where Apex Race Photography will host the BBQ, and we will start the shorter last race at 6:50pm, with the cut-off at 7:30pm to eek out the last light.  Awards and shenanigans, and no points awarded on the final night 


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Yes, it’s back, and we’re continuing to bring you the best weekly series in the GTA.  Why is the Albion series so special?

  • We have a different course EACH week, accessing 3 starting points within Albion.  Courses are about 5km, and you do 3 laps or as many as you can before a 45 minute cut-off.
  • Albion’s trails are the perfect level for all riders, and our unique use of the trails makes it feel different every week!
  • The dynamic duo of Mrs. Briochi and Mrs. Meyers are timing this year’s rides, with Corey designing the bulk of the courses.
  • Riders don’t have to spend their time in bottlenecks – with 80 riders on average, it’s not congested like some other weekly races.
  • We have Pfaff/Apex Race Photography BBQ nights, Pizza nights, and lots of fun extras!
  • For 2017, we are back to selling one-day permits, they are $8 each

Again we welcome Bikesports and Pfaff motors to the sponsor program for 2017.  With 2 locations in both Aurora and Newmarket, Bikesports has you covered.  Looking for a great new car?  Give the amazing guys at Pfaff a call, whether it be a VW, Audi or Porsche!  Or, see Jeff every week at the series!


Want to sponsor a BBQ night?  Enquire with Sean!


For more information:

  • Event Pricing

    Event Pricing

    **Please Note: Cash or Cheque ONLY!
    All event pricing INCLUDES the formidable 13% HST tax, and entry to the park.

    For families with 3 or more participants Superfly Racing will offer a discount, enquire about these discounts upon registering or email

    Single event fee - $16 per night / $12 14 & under
    Full Series event fee - $170 for the year / $130 14 & under

  • Event Schedule

    Event Schedule

    5:45 PM - Registration and Pre-Riding officially open
    7:00 PM - Waves 1, 2 and 3 start 2 minutes apart

  • Insurance


    For 2017 all riders will need a full citizen permit, or for $8 they can get a one-day permit. Permit info: