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Dear Trek School Race enthusiasts:

As the excitement grows to get back on our bikes again, our harsh winter has unfortunately set our race season back another week. The Trek School Series will now start with the Coaches Clinic on Friday, April 25th. You can find more details here in the updated flyer: Trek School Series Flyer.

Additionally, we have also run into some snags regarding Insurance. Our organizing bodies have encountered some issues in terms of insurance, as the school board for reasons unclear to us will not insure events on Private Property; potentially impacting our races outside of Durham Forest.  Durham Forest, being public Property is held under the guise of South Lake Simcoe and does not currently fall under this distinction.

If we could run all events at Durham Forest this would suffice, but for the enjoyment of the riders and a moratorium on events in the forest until spring thaw, we need to use some private land holdings. We will NOT go the direction of citizen permits, due both to the increased cost and clerical issues they create, so the OCA is working on a solution that may increase the registration fee by only a few dollars and keep the process more simple than in previous years.

Thank you for your patience on this matter, and please stay tuned for more updates.

We hope to see you all for the Coaches Clinic on Friday, April 25th!


Kind Regards,


Sean Ruppel,

Superfly Racing


Sean Ruppel

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Sean Ruppel of Superfly Racing has been, and is also still actively part of Chico Racing, bringing you the 24 hours of Summer Solstice, and the past 12 years of the Ontario Cup Series.

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